Pictures Of People Who Just Stopped Caring – Not One F Was Given That Day

You know that moment when you practically just don’t care anymore?

How other people see you, or doing something silly that others would find strange?

Ah yes, that feeling is the best, after all you just let it go, nothing can faze you and you are having a great time, so why should you care what others would think, a glass of wine would be perfect in that moment! 🙂

Here we have people who did just that! And if you ask me, they probably feel a lot better not worrying or even caring how they look. It’s more important how they feel. And if it feels good, who cares if you look like a weirdo, at least you’ll be a bad-ass weirdo!

Off to the races

Turns out spiderman witnessed the birth of Christ

Just keep smiling

This lady at the gym

When your flight gets cancelled.


Just going for a ride

Im not in a hurry. So no one else is in a hurry.

Flood? What flood?

Pancakes during class

3 feet.

Juliet waiting for romeo

Spotted in Florida

This rascal

so true :’) (I’m from Aus)

When your wife won’t let you watch at home…

Arrow in the shoulder, but no hurry.

“I prefer shopping without my kids, otherwise I have to push them around in the cart.”

No candles? no problem.

Shits taken: 1, Fucks given: 0.

You sure?

Bikey at heart

“Tried to prank my mum, she just took a photo and went inside.”

When you have unanswered questions.

PS4 luge game.

When grandpa just doesn’t care about your prom pics.

Just enjoying pizza

Taking his pizza for a walk

When its ‘casual friday’ at work.

“Drove 1,100 miles to see this woman, but grandma doesn’t give a fuck.”

It’s a DVD emergency.

The easier way

Got a new snow blower.

Walmart conga line

Looks about right.

When the thirst is real

When you just can’t miss the new episode.

Never to be seen again.

King of Morocco just does not care.

Can’t I play in peace!?

Oh boy

None left to give.

Couldn’t even wait for one carriage!?

Eating mayo.

Nicholas cage strikes again

Guards who just didn’t care.

Get ready ladies

“This is Carter. He knocked on my door to ask for a banana and then left.”

I like the cool breeze – or rather hot vent air between my cheeks

Posing for a photo after the car flipped – wife still inside.


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