Footage Of New York In The 1990s Taken With Surprisingly High Definition Camera – New York In 90s Video

This HD, 60-frames-per-second footage taken in New York City in 1993 is a test run for grappling with the weirdness of that fact.

This is so amazing. It’s incredible how different the world looks only 20+ years later (Peoples’ appearances, hair, fashion, cars, billboards, etc), and it’s something you don’t even realize at the time, and only until you see videos like this.

In 2002 D-Theater launched in the US – the dealers needed a demo tape of HD footage. JVC reused some HD video that had been shot as a demo for the Japanese HD market back in 1993. This footage would have most likely been originally used for a HiVision MUSE Laserdisc demo.

You can tell the year is 1993 by the adverts in Times Square – the Radio 501 CD that’s advertised on a billboard came out in 1993 and Paper Moon is playing at the Marquis Theater.

For those wondering what HD video camera tech existed in 1993 – there are a few options, but it’s likely that this footage was shot with a HDVS camera- perhaps a Sony SONY HDC-500 attached to a HDV-10 portable recorder which recorded on UniHi 3/4″ tape.

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