This Mom Got A Cute Shirt With Pineapple On It – But It Has A Hidden Message

I think you have seen those T-shirt with pictures or word on them when you pull shirt upwards and fold it in half you will see a hidden picture or a word with a completely different meaning, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

Now, this Mom got a shirt from her kid that got it at some festival, and she loved it, especially because of the cute pineapple.

She wore it for 8 months, then she noticed little grey dots on each side of the pineapple, she didn’t know what they were so she asked her kid, and that’s when she found out the truth. The pineapple actually turns into a marijuana leaf (lol) when you fold it up by connecting those grey dots.

She loves the shirt even more because of that! 🙂

I really like that smile on her face, you go mom!

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