Japanese Food And Eating Habits – Diet And A Lifestyle

Japanese women have always belonged among the most beautiful and most elegant women in the world.

30-year-old’s look like they are 18, and 40-year-old’s looks as if they are 25. The main culprit for their good looks and longevity is their diet.

A rich and balanced diet

Diet And A Lifestyle

The main misconception is that the Japanese eat only sushi. On the contrary – their diet is much richer. They prefer fish and seafood, herbs, vegetables, soy, rice, fruits, green tea.

High-calorie foods, such as fast food is rare to be seen on their plate.

When choosing foods, it is important for them to be seasonal and fresh, in winter they eat meat, fish, soups and hot drinks while in summer they eat seafood, cold soups, salads and cold ramen.


Cooking methods

Food And Eating Habits

The Japanese traditionally prepare their food by stewing, grilling, steaming, or frying in a special pan with minimal oil. The vegetables are slices in a way to look better and to be cooked more easily. The advantage of this cooking method is that the food retains the most nutritional value.

Most Japanese dishes are based on vegetables. Japanese women are very careful with spices, they are trying to eat well and light so as not to stress the stomach, liver and kidneys. The essence of Japanese cuisine is to emphasize the natural beauty, color and taste.


The culture of eating

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In Japan, eating is also a ritual. They eat slowly, in small bites, and the portions and the plates are also small. They try to keep the natural look and taste of the food, so they rarely decorate it. Different foods on the same plate are a bad tone, as each food should have its own place. The plate is never full to the brim. And this is a good way to prevent overeating.


Rice instead of bread

Rice instead of bread

Rice is an essential part of each meal, and every meal is cooked in a special way – without butter and salt. Absence of the flour products helps Japanese women to maintain their slim figures.


Breakfast is the main meal of the day


In Japan, the most important meal of the day is breakfast. And as a main meal includes several dishes:  fish, rice, omelets, miso soup and soy dish with greens, seaweed and tea.


Sweets without sugar are used rarely and in small doses


Deserts in Japan are eaten on rare, special occasions and in small quantities. The Japanese have very different expectations of sweets than we do – there are no cakes, cookies or buttercream. They have an ice cream made of rice (mochi).

Overall, Japanese sweets have a low percentage of fat and sugar, and therefore the taste is very different from the Western candy. But unlike the sweets we are used to, they do not leave anything behind on your belly.



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