Husky Talking Back To Owner – And Looks Adorable While Doing It

Huskies have a peaceful character and have an incredible amount of energy. They are very tied to their owners and will require a lot of attention.

Huskies are known as quiet dogs that do not bark but occasionally howl. They are very intelligent, but because they are very temperamental they can be very stubborn and obstinate.

They do not show signs of aggression to other animals nor to humans. They can be little tense towards the cats so it is not advisable to keep them together. They’re great with small children which they will worship. They also accept unknown people very quickly which makes them poor watchdogs.

They can be very entertaining and fun to be around. You will never get bored not even for a second. They like throwing tantrums, talking back, and all sorts of things.

Husky named blu, for an example in the video bellow did something, and is not showing a sign of regret, and just keeps talking back to the owner. Blu doesn’t seem concern for getting into trouble. Check it out!

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Source: Husky Talks Back to His Parents by ViralHog on Rumble

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