20 Life Hacks That Can Help You In Every Day Life. You Got To Know These Things.

Very often we come across different advice or tricks and tips about everyday life, however not all of them as useful. The list bellow will save you bunch of time and show you only real everyday hacks.

20. Good plan


Twitter @ | perform

19. Perfect for keeping it in place

redditu | DorisIsRad

18. So much better

redditu | [deleted]

17. Perfect for a small apartment

redditu | cracka_azz_cracka

16. You just need more grip

Instructables | amalkhan

15. Parchment paper is your friend


14. You’ll get the perfect sized cuts for your eating pleasure

Adventures of D and V

13. Perfect use of space

Ana White


12. You will never waste honey again

Dans Le Lakehouse




11. Looks nice and hip too

Better Homes and Gardens




10. Nothing too heavy of course

The Family Handyman



9. Ideal for the young gamer in your house

DIY Home Hacks



8.Wrapping Cords



7. Guaranteed you’ll find a crayon before candles




6. One-way mirror = gap between reflections. Two-way mirror? No gap.

Boing Boing




5. One drop green food coloring + three drops blue + empty Listerine = genius

minions only


4. How to expand Ketchup


3. For maximum efficiency

redditu | Red_Giants


2. Keep them from getting smelly

Thumb Press

1. Just make sure it’s a quality paper towel


redditu | Darkwoodz




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