Meet Bubba The Tortoise – He Knows A Pretty Neat Trick With A Ball

Tortoises are magnificent creatures even when they are tiny little things and contrary to what most people think, when a tortoise wants to put a spurt on, they can move pretty fast.

Many pet tortoises had been left for a few minutes in a back garden and managed to scuttle off into the distance before their owners realized it!

Pets can be funny, I know this from personal experience, I left my pet tortoise in a back garden for a few minutes, and the next thing I knew, he was gone, so don’t leave them unsupervised! (I live on the Mountain so it was impossible to find him 🙁 )

Here are some fun facts about them that you didn’t know (probably).

  • A group of tortoises is called a creep.
  • The scales on the carapace are called scutes.
  • They can’t swim, but tortoises can hold their breath for a long time.
  • Sulcatas are one of the most popular pet tortoises—and one of the biggest.
  • They can smell with their throats.
  • Tortoises reach sexual maturity with size, not age.
  • They might be smarter than we thought.
  • A male tortoise has a longer tail than that of a female, which is one way of sexing them.
  • When baby tortoises break out of their shells they’re called hatchlings.

This little cute pet tortoise erratically chases new ball across living room.

He looks very excited about his new favorite toy.

Just look at him go, who would’ve thought tortoises could be that fast.

He brought the whole new meaning to the word ‘adorable’, I mean you can watch this video all day.

The name is Bubba. 🙂

Here are some more updates on Bubba the Tortoise








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