What To Do To Avoid Dog Attack – Here Are A Few Helpful Tips

There are a lot of posts about what to do when dogs attack you; it’s easier to read about what to do and what precautions to take to avoid being attacked.

But, when you actually get in that kind of situation it’s a whole different story, there might not be a high place to climb or to take shelter or even something lying around that you could use to defend yourself.  You never really know how the situation is going to play itself, but at least I’m going to write a few pointers of what to do in such cases, at least it’s good that you know a thing or two and hope not to end up facing a dog that’s not that friendly.

Don’t ever provoke a dog, and do not try to attack the dog first, just try to pass unnoticed by him, he will bark and growl, it will be somewhat scary. But try to ignore it the best you can and just walk away and be very cautious.

Do not run just pick up your pace, even if you start to panic. Do not try to get the dog’s attention with some object because the dog will charge for it.

The umbrella is, believe it or not, in such situations very desirable! If the first thing that comes to your mind is to hit the dog with it, think again! In fact, some dog whisperers say that it is best to open an umbrella in front of their feet. The dog will see it as too big an obstacle and likely to escape. (let’s hope that would be the case)

Any object that can create the distance between you and the dog is welcomed. If you wear a jacket, take it off and wrap it up around your forearm for added protection, we want to protect the major arteries on the ulna and radial side at all costs.

If you have to fight back, hit the dog in the nose, that’s a big target for you to hit. The dog’s rib cage is also a sensitive area.

Do not try to calm the dog by talking to it.

Do everything you can to stay on your feet. If you go down you’re at a severe disadvantage and probably won’t be able to get back up.


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