A Dog Refused Leaving His Best Friend’s Side Which Was Hit By A Car – A Heartbreaking Moment


Dogs are the most loving, compassionate animals and no one can convince me otherwise!

Dogs can show more compassion and love than some people.

In this heartbreaking footage that you’re about to see is something that’s hard to even describe with words.

This video was taken in Quzhou, east China’s Zhejiang province.

A dog was hit by a car killing him instantly, another dog stayed by his side, and tried waking him up and moving him, and barking trying to wake him up, not realizing what had actually happened.

The whole thing is really messed up, it’s really hard watching this video and seeing the dog’s reaction when his friend didn’t move and just laid there. Its heartbreaking to watch, I can’t even begin to grasp how that dog must have felt losing his friend.

The dog stood by his friend for more than 30 minutes…

The whole point of posting this story is for the drivers to be more aware and pay attention to the road, so something like this doesn’t keep happening.

Please be more careful when driving!

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