A Woman Lashed Out On A Couple Because A Boyfriend Kissed His Girlfriend On The Forehead – A Complete Meltdown

Public displays of attention are ok if it’s nothing exaggerated, holding hands, hugging or a few kisses are acceptable behavior by most people.

But, when it comes to this woman, then it’s certainly not!

A couple was waiting in line to buy some food, and while doing that, the boyfriend put his arms around his girlfriend and kissed her on the on the forehead a couple of times while waiting for this lady to finish checking out.

It was a bit startling when the lady buying food started yelling and getting angry at the couple and calling the girlfriend terrible names!

I can’t even begin to process the whole situation, there was so much frustration and anger build up in this lady, it was certainly terrible to listen to everything she said.

It was rather uncomfortable to watch the whole video, I can’t even begin to grasp how it was for the people who were there and had to witness the whole thing!

Just watch the video and you will understand everything.

Warning: this video contains graphic language.

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