8 Things You Did Not Know About Harry Potter

Harry Potter

With seven books, eight films and a play, the “Harry Potter” series continues to delight millions of audiences around the world. And still there are exciting details about the popular book and movie series, of which you certainly don’t have the faintest idea. Here comes a list of 8 things about our favorite movie and book series we are sure that you did not know yet… Have fun!

# 1 Hermione

Hermione Granger’s character should be based in parts on the personality of the author J.K. Rowling herself! She herself once said that she used to be just like “Hermine”, so always ambitious and neat. Besides, Hermione’s Patronus, we remember, was an otter, which by the way is Rowling’s favorite animal, too. 

# 2 Hermione’s unhappy future

The author is not very happy about the decision she made concerning the relationships of her characters. She now regrets that she let superbrain Hermione meet the redhead at the end instead of giving her a happy ending with Harry. In the writer’s opinion, the slightly twisted Ron would never be able to make the extremely clever Hermione happy.

# 3 Exercise

They have definitely understood their roles! Before the shooting of “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” the main actors should write an essay about their characters. Emma Watson wrote 16 pages about Hermione, Daniel Radcliffe one about Harry and Ruper Grint didn’t write a single word. They are all their roles!

# 4 James Potter was not a seeker

When Harry discovered his talent for Quidditch, he learnt that his father was also a famous player in this sport at Hogwarts. Since Harry himself became a gifted seeker, many assumed that his father must have also excelled in this position and the films actually show this. Nevertheless, there are always misunderstandings about James’ Quidditch position, because Joanne K. Rowling said in an interview in 2000 that James Potter was a hunter. Their task is to throw the quidditch through the opposing team’s goal rings. The world of books and films is once again drifting apart, which may have caused some confusion among fans, at least initially.

# 5 The mascot of Ravenclaw is not a raven

Every house at Hogwarts is known to have an animal that appears on its coat of arms. Gryffindor has its lion, Slytherin the snake and Hufflepuff the badger. For Ravenclaw, the choice goes without saying, after all, the name of the house translates as “Raven’s Claw”. But even this assumption is wrong and it is worth taking a closer look at the emblem of Ravenclaw, because there is an eagle and not a raven.

# 6 Not every student of Slytherin is evil

It is relatively easy to lump together all the disciples of Slytherin and put them in the evil corner. After all, Voldemort and nearly all Death Eaters come from this Hogwarts house. However, the trait with which Slytherin is officially associated is not, of course, “being evil”. Rather, ambition and self-motivation should lead the Sorting Hat to assign a student to this house. After all, there are some Slytherin students who have been good or at least developed good qualities: Snape, Tonks, eventually Malfoy and even Merlin were Slytherins. However, given the high rate of evil disciples from this house, the leaders of Hogwarts should perhaps consider making some changes.

# 7 Wizards do not receive their Hogwarts letter on their 11th birthday

Every child knows that the 11th birthday is the most important one. After all, that’s when the Muggles separate from the Wizards and only the latter receive their Hogwarts letter on that special day. But that’s not true. This widespread myth probably stems from the fact that Harry received his letter from Hagrid on his 11th birthday. Many letters had been sent to him for weeks before, but the Dursleys kept Harry away from these letters. Anyway, this practice would be quite unfair. Students who celebrate their 11th birthday shortly after the start of the school year would have to wait almost a whole year before being allowed to go to Hogwarts.

#8 Origin of the spells

The spells of the magical world created by Joanne K. Rowling are mostly based on Latin expressions. However, they almost always deviate from Latin grammar, are combined with English or fantasy words or are intensified by onomatopoeia. For example the spell “Tergeo” means “I clean” and is a correct word to word translation from Latin into English but the Latin-English fantasy magic spell ”Enervate” stands for “instill liveliness” but in correct Latin it actually means the opposite. If you want to find out how well do you know the spells used in the “Harry Potter” series? You can take this Harry Potter Spell Quiz to find out!

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