This Is Called Gratitude: A Stray Dog Receives Food Every Day – For Which He Brings A Gift!

Meet Tua Plu the doggy from Thailand.

He doesn’t have a home and he is living on the street with his mother and survives thanks to the food they find on the street.

Thailand-based Orawan Kaewla-iat, a lady who gives food to homeless dogs says that he returns every day – bringing a gift. Sometimes it’s a palm leaf, sometimes a piece of paper from the street, but he always brings a gift. Before eating a meal he always gives her a gift in gratitude.

It is not clear where the dog learned such a nice gesture, but it certainly is not the first time that we see that the dogs bring presents to people for whom they care about. And this small and delicate tradition has certainly brought Tua Plu a lot of fans.

Hopefully, soon him and his mom will find a loving forever home.





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