Science Can Make Dreams Come True – Hair Color That Changes With Temperature

Hair color that changes with temperature – sounds like magic. But this is reality.

British company ‘Unseen’ made a hair dye which changes in two colors, when the temperature around you changes.

This feature was introduced on the London Fashion Week.

Changing hair color depends on the type of a dye: black (cold) to red (hot), black to white, silver to sky blue, black to blue (yellow). The dye can be removed after a few washes without permanent damage to the hair.

This interesting finding functions thanks to the thermo chromic ink, which is used for things like cans, where the text color changes depending on the temperature. The same tehnology is applied to the hair dye, but without damage to the skin, because Lauren Bowker, founder of The Unseen, believes she has perfected a formula that is completely devoid of anything toxic.

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