Watching Plants Grow Video – Who Knew It Could Be So Entertaining

Plants can also move, but not very actively like animals.

Unlike animals, plants do not need to move in search for food, they create their own food through photosynthesis.

So the question is how the plants move?

The movement of plants is conditioned by influences from the outside light, humidity, heath, force of gravity, touch…

Depending from these conditions the plants will move certain parts of their body, leaves, and flowers.

  • The movement of plants is expertly called Tropism and can be Phototropism that occur under the influence of the light.
  • Gravitropism is a turning or growth movement by a plant or fungus in response to gravity.
  • Thigmotropism is the turning or bending of a plant in response to a touch stimulus.
  • Hydrotropism is the growth or turning of plant roots towards or away from moisture.

The technique of observing plants is called Time Laps where the plant is monitored and recorded over a long period of time and then the video is fast-forwarded so we could observe all movement of plants that otherwise we could not notice.

We concluded that the plants have all the characteristics of living things, although we could not notice that at first sight.

Also the scientist have revealed some interesting things about plants and how they react to the environment in which they grow. Like humans they are too sensitive to light, touch, cold, heath and noise sounds.


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