10 Things Every Custom Built House Needs. Number 7 Is A Must Have.

10. A Room for the Whole Family to be Together

Families aren’t spending enough time together anymore and having a space in your house that’s designated just for bringing the family together is a great investment, and probably the most important thing on this list. (Although this space would also be awesome for RPGS/ board-games…)

9. A Slide

See #6

8. A Giant Kitchen

There doesn’t need to be a bunch of fancy gadgets, although those are a bonus, but having a light airy kitchen can make everyone want to cook.

7. A Space for Everyone to Personalize

No matter if you have toddlers or teens or just the two of you, everyone needs a space to call solely their own.

6. Some form of Swing

Imagine how much fun that’ll be!

5. A Fancy Bed for your Pet

Let’s face it, your pet is your baby. So why would you spend all this money on a custom house and stiff them?

4. A Washer/Dryer in the Closet

Why has no one done this to all closets? The convenience is astounding! And your closets are going to be huge anyway so, why not.

3. A Spacious Bathroom

Who doesn’t do their best thinking in the tub?!

2. A Hidden Room

Where does that book case lead? A super sweet reading room!

1. An Awesome Theater

This is a given because, come on, if you’re building a house you can afford to have the best possible movie/TV watching experience.

Source: http://imgur.com/gallery/56ARo


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