The Four Horsemen, Predictors Of Divorce – And What Precautions To Take


Dangerous behavior can be corrected. First, you need to find the reason behind it.

Relationships are science. American psychologist John Gottman studied the relationships for 40 years, he discovered 4 dangerous type’s of behavior which he named: “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”.

Tooxta recommends that everyone should carefully review the recommendations of the expert to keep your love away from the termination or divorce.

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Avoiding a conflict

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Indicators: When sensing that there’s a storm coming, some people prefer to respond to complaint quickly and without emotions. They ignore their partner in all possible ways.

How to fix it: Do not run way from emotions. Try to solve everything peacefully, because if you do not, bigger and heavier problems will be back.

Defensive behavior

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Indicators: One of the partners thinks he did something wrong, and to avoid criticism, he immediately tries to defend himself, even a bit aggressively. This situation is characterized by phrases such as: “In fact, I shouldn’t have done it!”, “It’s not my fault!” And so on. As a result, the other partner responds sharply, and it all ends in a painful argument.

How to fix it: In such situation, it is much easier to take responsibility for your behavior and apologize. Then you will not waste time on meaningless fights.


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Indicators: One of the partners gets annoyed because of every mistake their partner makes. It turns out that the problem is not the mistake which has been criticized, but because of the personality of the partner, all of which results in words: “You always do everything wrong”.

How to fix it: Do not use an aggressive ton in conversation, and do not transform one small problem into millions of others. If you calmly ask your partner to do things differently next time, without giving much importance and drama to whole situation, the result will be much better.

Contempt/ disrespect


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Indicators: One of the partners was the laughing stock of the other in private or in public, giving offensive nicknames deliberately and consciously, not appreciating their partner’s opinion. Simply, they do not respect their partner and feel that they are more important.

How to fix it: Put yourself in the position of your loved one that has become the subject of ridicule, and try to see the situation from their point of view. And then remember how much you love them every time you want to ridicule them!

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