Scary Footage Of Door Being Forcefully Slammed – You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

You know that moment where you had to stay home alone, and decided to watch a horror movie, cause sure that seemed like a great idea, riiight?

And every sound would make you jumpy. Cause let’s face it, ghosts are scary! There are a lot of videos with ghosts in them, and I don’t know what I’m thinking when I watch them, because they seem so real, so I usually just turn the damn video off and pretend I never saw it and start to think of small kittens and puppies.

Or I just pretend that Sam and Dean would kick their butts and that they look rather lame than scary. (It works if you think like that during scary monster movies)

In the video bellow you will see a door forcefully being slammed by itself and a guy approaching them, you can really feel the suspense in the air while watching it.

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