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I’ve always wondered what’s in between the wafers of a Kit Kat. Turns out, MORE KIT KAT!

Kit Kats are made of Kit Kats. The manufacturers leave no Kit Kat uneaten, so every reject is mashed into paste that’s used to fill the wafles. Because every imperfect Kit Kat was already filled with other imperfect Kit Kats, and some of Kit Kats thye’ll fill will also be rejected, every time you eat a Kit Kat, you’re basically eating layers of Kit Kats within Kit Kats within Kit Kats.


Pretty self explanatory.

The Apollo 11 astronauts have a moon on the Hollywood Walk of Fame instead of a star.


Horseshoe crabs have a bright blue blood. It costs $15,000 per liter and has saved million of lives.

The blue is caused by oxidation of hemocyanin, a copper based oxygen-carrying molecule in their blood. Human blood has hemoglobin, an iron based molecule that oxidizes red. But, what is really special about horseshoe crab blood is a little compound called Limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL) LAL clots when exposed to gram-negative bacteria, forming the basis of the LAL test. This test is used all over the world to detect bacterial contamination in pharmaceutical products.


Pixar spent three years studying the physics of curly hair in order to correctly render Merida’s hair in “ Brave”.

Claudia Chung, a simulation supervisor for Pixar stated: “It took us almost three years to get the final look for her hair and we spent two months working on the scene where Merida removes her hood and you see the full volume of her hair.” Some of my favorite quotes from the article: “I have become obsessed with curly hair, It is truly fascinating; curly hair defies physics in the way it moves and behaves.” “We had a wig and I think everyone on the team wore it at some point,” And the pièce de résistance: “There is a woman here who has naturally curly hair and we would hose her down. We never completely submerged it, but now I am really curious; I don’t know what happens to curly hair when it is completely submerged underwater.”


During an experiment conducted at the New York University, a robotic fish was accepted by other fish as their leader.

These researchers were looking at the importance of movement and body motion when fish pick a leader for their school. When they simulated these movements, especially fast tail movement, the fish followed the robot leader.


Daniel Radcliffe deliberately wore the same outfit for 6 months to piss off the paparazzi. Making it look like “ the same old shot”.

In 2007 Radcliffe stated: “I would wear the same outfit every single time with different T-shirts underneath but I would wear the same jacket and zip it up so they couldn’t see what I was wearing underneath, and the same hat, so they could take photos for six months but it would look like the same day. They became un-publishable, which was hilarious because there’s nothing better than seeing the paparazzi get really frustrated.” Good for him.


In 2006 a man hired a hitman to kill his wife. His wife ended up killing the hitman with her bare hands.

12 In September 2006, Susan Walters came home to a man intent on killing her. In defense of her own life, she strangled the man to death. The man was paid $50,000 by her husband to kill Walters. The husband was released in 2014 after serving an 8 year sentence.


The manchineel is the world’s most dangerous tree. The sap from its trunk gives you blisters, ingesting its apples can kill you, and if you try to burn it down, the smoke can blind you.

Related to the pointsettia, the machineel (Hippomane mancinella) is a large tree native to the West Indes and coasts of Central America. All of the described symptoms are possible with overexposure. Interestingly, the fruit has a pleasantly sweet flavor. Some Historians believe that an arrow tipped with the poison of this tree was used to kill Ponce de Leon.


President Lyndon B. Johnson owned an amphibious car and would scare his guests by driving into a lake, screaming about brake failure.

Lyndon B. Johnson was notorious for pranks, a big ego, and an even bigger obsession with his penis. So it’s not too surprising that he would pull a stunt like this. Built in Germany from 1961 to 1968, the Amphicar is the only civilian amphibious passenger automobile ever to be mass produced. A total of 3,878 vehicles were produced.


Through a process called grafting, a single tree has been developed that produces over forty different kinds of fruit, including peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines and cherries.

Called the “Tree of Forty Fruits”, 16 of these trees have been created by artist Sam Van Aken. The picture is an artist’s rendering; none of the actual trees are that mature. They all look more like this:, It remains to be seen whether or not all of his grafts sucessfully bear fruit, but the idea is an interesting one. Multiple grafts of the same type of fruit have been successfully completed, and are even available for home purchase, like the Stark Bros Double Delicious apple tree:


Crows recognise human faces and hold grudges against ones they do not like.

In a fascinating study, researchers captured and released crows while wearing unique masks. Return to those crows while wearing the masks, even years after capture, prompted a “scolding” and dive bombing response. These behaviors were shown by the captured crows and by other birds in the family group. A follow up study showed that the areas of crow brains that are responsible for recognizing faces are similar to that of humans.


A 14 karat gold LEGO brick was given out in the early 80s to employees who had worked at the Germany LEGO factory for over twenty-five years. They are valued at nearly $15.000.

The bricks were also given to some of LEGO’s business partners. Recently, one of the bricks was sold at auction for almost $20,000.


Pill bugs (aka roly polies or doodle bugs) aren’t bugs at all. Though commonly referred to as such, pill bugs are actually land-dwelling crustaceans that are much more closely related to shrimp and crayfish than to any kind of insect.


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