Cat Doesn’t Appreciate Her Food Getting Taken Away – So She Takes It Back

Cats are pretty much independent, they do not need as much as love and care as a dog, but they still like to cuddle with you and getting those belly rubs, well, till they decided it’s enough and start scratching you in order to tell you that.

They can also get weird, but they are cats and everything they do can’t surprise us really, but they can make us laugh and make us find them cute and adorable.

For instance, this cat doesn’t like to share food, and does something unbelievable. Every time her human tries to take a bowl of food from her she will simply take it back with her paw.

Did you ever notice that maybe your pets aren’t big fans of sharing their food? Cause if you did, they can get pretty hilarious protecting it. I’ve seen a lot of videos of cats and dogs fighting over their meal, even other animals, and it never gets boring watching them.

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