A Shark Approached A Diver, But Not For The Usual Reason – Shark Rescue

Diver Josh Eccles has experienced an amazing moment during the dive in water in Jupiter, Florida.

The shark approached him several times, gently bumping its nose in to his wet suit. However, instead of the usual horror scenario, a shark nudged him to get him to remove a hook that was stuck in its flesh.

Foto: Chris Maderford / youtube

Eccles lifted it by the nose to reveal its underbelly where a hook was stuck. The Lemon shark allowed him to fish it out and then it swam away.



Foto: Josh Eccles / Facebook

‘Every time it swam by me, it would bump into me a little more. They always bump into us but they don’t bump into us that frequently,’ he told WFLA.


Foto: Josh Eccles / Facebook

He said he was grateful to have had such a one-on-one encounter with the creature. ‘That was a crazy opportunity, experience to be a part of.’


Lemon sharks are considered non-aggressive towards humans. They are known to bite or attack only if they feel in immediate danger or under threat.

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