A Weekly Cleaning Schedule That is Quick and Easy

Do you find it difficult to clean your house? If you are someone who cannot hire external help for your everyday cleaning chores, you should make a schedule to help you manage them. Cleaning has to be done frequently and is one of the most basic house chores. A dirty house does not only look bad but is a hub of germs and diseases as well. Cleaning a small house or an apartment is a lot easier than cleaning a big house. Therefore, if you have a big house, then you should do the cleaning properly to ensure that nothing is left and your beautiful house remains spotless all the time. To help you with this, here is a weekly house cleaning schedule that you can follow to make your cleaning chores quick and easy. 

Day 1: Cleaning Bathrooms Thoroughly

A bathroom is the least favorite place to clean for everyone as cleaning it can be hectic. Moreover, bathrooms require the use of specific cleaning tools and detergents. These tools must be present all the time at a house. Cleaning a bathroom includes:

  • Clean Toilets, Showers, and Vanities 

Cleaning bathrooms can be frustrating at times, as water stains can be a bit difficult to get rid of. You have to rub the inside of the tubs and the sinks properly to make them shine and be spotless. 

  • Replace the Toiletries 

Changing toiletries every week is very important. Make sure that you have enough soap, toilet paper, and towels available at the house, at least for a month. 

  • Clean Bathroom Floor 

If your washroom has any sort of carpet or rugs, it is better to vacuum them before putting them in the washing machine. If tiles are present, you should thoroughly mop them. 

Day 2: Cleaning the Kitchen 

Food stains, piles of rotten food, and a sink full of dishes result from neglecting your kitchen cleaning routine. A dirty kitchen is the hub of pests that spread harmful diseases. For your ease, here is a list of things you should do to keep your kitchen clean.

  • Throw the Expired items 

Once a week, you should check the food items in your kitchen and throw away the expired items. This will help you make a list of the grocery items you need to shop for.

  • Manage Food Stains 

When you clean your microwave or stove for the first time in weeks, you’ll regret not removing the food stains sooner. As these stains stick to your appliances, it becomes very hard to remove them. 

  • Clean the Dishwasher

The dishwasher should be free of any dirty dishes. It should be a common practice to clean the dishes right after you eat. However, if the dishes remain there, then not only should you clean them, but you should clean the dishwasher as well. 

Day 3: Vacuum Cleaning and Dusting

Accumulation of dust on your floors, furniture, and windows can lead to mold formation after sometime. This is a very dangerous thing and can have adverse effects on human health as well. However, a thorough vacuum cleaning on day 3 proves to be vital in eliminating dust from your house. You can use a top-level vacuum cleaner for this purpose, and for cleaning furniture, a microfiber cloth is very effective. 

Day 4: Mopping of Floors, Entryways, and Stairs

Wet wiping of tiled floors brings shine, which magnifies their beauty. Therefore Day 4 should be when you mop your floors in depth. If you have carpets at your house, then you should vacuum clean them properly. This procedure should be carried further to entryways and stairs if you want a neat and clean environment inside the house. These cleaning methods is also best if you have pets in your house.  

Day 5: Arranging Bedrooms and Livingroom

A bedroom is a place that should be kept very neat and clean. Especially when it’s children’s bedroom, you will probably see things scattered across the room. On Day 5 of your week, you should check the bedrooms and organize them properly. Place all things at their designated places, change the bedsheets, curtains and organize the cupboards.

Day 6: Laundry Day

If it’s the weekend, it is the perfect time to do laundry. Grab all dirty clothes present inside the house, collect them in the laundry basket and head straight to the washing machine. After the clothes are washed, you can iron-press, fold them and place them properly in the cupboard. 

Day 7: Rest and Relax

Most people have a hectic professional routine, and once it gets mixed with the clean-up routine, it can become very tiring. Therefore, the final day of the week should be the rest day when you should enjoy most of the time with your friends or family. This will also ensure a fresh start to the new week ahead. 

The above schedule is designed to make cleaning easier for people who find it difficult to do it and cannot hire external help. So, would you be following this cleaning schedule to help make cleaning more easier for yourself?

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