How to Protect house Windows from Burglars

Previously there has been evidence of robberies when the burglars entered the house premises using the basement windows. The chance of break-in through the windows is rare but still there are burglars who find out ways to carry out robbery by entering from the windows. 

It’s best to have only invited guests over for a surprise party. It’s another type of unwanted guest that not only shows up but also leaves with some of your valuables. Having a home security system is not a fool’s errand in today’s environment. The front entrance, the back door, or the garage door are the most common entry points for burglars. The ground-floor windows can also be used. When this happens, you feel a sense of urgency to protect yourself and your loved ones. Shut all of the windows so that no intruder would dare to try break in to your place.  This article has all the ways out to help you get rid of from getting your house windows to be attacked. 

Locking All Your Windows:

Your windows should be closed and locked whenever you leave the house as a first line of defense. Despite the fact that all windows have a built-in lock, certain older windows may not be adequate. Add-on In order to make burglars’ lives even more difficult, you can secure your home with locks. 

A safer option is to utilize a piece of tempered glass and solid panels for window. Such the kind used in windshields. Glass that has been tempered is harder to break. Two sheets of normal glass are sandwiched by a sheet of vinyl to create laminated glass, which is even more secure.  Getting your windows locked can restrain the burglars to attack. Windows lock should be solid and locks have to be intact. Locking down the solid windows can prevent such attacks on your premises. 

Install security bars or grilles on your windows.

It doesn’t have to look like the grates on a prison cell door to have security bars and grills. There are beautiful, ornamental solutions that may add a dash of color to your home while also offering additional security. For safety reasons, keep one window open or have a mechanism to open a grill from the inside of the house if you install bars or grills. By the help of locksmith you can also install open lock systems to grills so easily you can open and close grills. It’s also possible to just add a layer of glazing to the region. A security system should be installed outside of your home. The glazing and glass panels can also help to distract the intruders from the break in.  A grill is the other integral layer to protect your windows from getting attacked by the burglars. 

Security Alarm System on Windows:

A window security system includes alarms and sensors. There are wired and wireless window alarms to choose from. The most prevalent type of alarm is a wireless one. In order to protect your window alarm from failing, you must keep a check on its battery life. Having a battery-powered window alarm is advantageous since it works even if the power goes out. Window alarms are particularly effective in deterring burglars because they create a loud sound when the circuit is disrupted. The circuit is interrupted when a burglar opens your window and removes the magnet from the switch.

However, installing a security camera or an alarm on your windows is the most expensive and most effective option. In order to be certain who has entered (or is going to enter) your property, a video surveillance system should be installed. The finest features of a window alarm are its ability to warn you when any of your windows are opened and its ability to provide you a clear signal if one of your windows is damaged or broken. Windows with motion sensors can inform you if a thief is lurking outside your home or if they are looking for an entry point.

 Landscaping Accordingly:

A burglar who has already decided to break in will not be stopped, but it may dissuade others from doing the same thing. You can get the thorny shrubs near the basement window so that intruders cannot try to break in. In such a case be cautious that you set the gardening carefully as the intruders can hide in the over grown bushes. A set of quite thorny bushes that can help you attain the most authentic security against the burglars are the best.  Landscaping should be planned through the proper streamlining of the place and windows placed at the premises.  Get the landscaping done through the experts so you do not seem clueless about the windows.  A landscape design shall be evaluated with the thorny bushes and shrubs.  Get the most immaculate solution from the experts and protect your premises against all the people who might attack your premises. 

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