A Showdown Between An Alligator And A Horse – This Can Only Happen In Florida

No matter where you are, the law of the jungle is the same everywhere.

This dramatic footage was recorded by a visitor at the Paynes Prairie Preserve, in Micanopy, Florida.

In this footage, we can see a herd of horses grazing in the pastures, everything seemed peacefully, except for that alligator that happened to be very close to the horses. Apparently , one horse didn’t like the alligator to be that close to them. So the horse approached slowly and started stomping the alligator. The alligator even tried biting the horse. It was a really close call for both the horse and the alligator.

However, it seemed that the eyewitnesses were on the side of an alligator.

“Leave him alone!” Could be heard from one of the visitors shouting in the background.

Although it looked painful, no animal was injured in this conflict, according to nature preserve staff.

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