This Amazing Dog Comes To School Every Day, For One Reason Only – She Likes Attention

Dogs are the most loving creatures on earth, and we are lucky to have them as best friends and companions.

One dog visits elementary school in County Cavan, Ireland, every day, for one special reason. No one knows the dog’s owner nor where his home is, but he comes to this school every day, and props his front paws up on a brick wall while the kids are walking by going home, and he demand love and affection from them. According to Sean Conway.

How cute is that?

Apparently, that became a regular thing, and the kids are already used to it! 🙂

But don’t worry, this dog actually belongs to  Ciara Clarke, and the dog’s name is Lucky. Lucky was adopted by Clarke as a stray.

She is the most affectionate and loving dog, so it’s not a surprise that she visits school every day, she has a lot of love to offer, and she loves to be petted!


These pictures were posted by Sean Conway, a local resident.

Sean Conway
Sean Conway
Sean Conway


Here we have Lucky with her owner Ciara Clarke. They look so adorable together! 🙂

Ciara Clarke
Ciara Clarke

Credit: Sean Conway, Ciara Clarke

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