A Beautiful Siberian Tiger Running- In Slow Motion

There is nothing better than watching things in slow motion!

For an example, imagine that you are out at some party, and there’s loud music in the background, and you standing in a corner holding a beer in your hand, and at one moment everything seems to slow down when that one special person walks through the door. That person is the only one you have your eyes for, everything else seems as if it’s in slow motion, the people dancing, talking and making hand gestures, the music, and you just know you’ve met the One!

Or no, we are matter-of-factly talking about videos in slow motion! 😀

Just try to imagine, ‘Cats’! There’s nothing better than a cat running in slow motion, but imagine if that cat is, in fact, a tiger!

This tiger at the Amersfoort Zoo is filmed leaping around in the water, splashing, being playful and creating waves.

There’s nothing more majestic or beautiful than this video right here, you’ll understand once you’ve seen it!

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