5 Tips For Preventing Termites & 6 Tips For Eliminating Them

We sure have come a long way. We live in homes with HVAC systems. We have miniature computers in our pockets. We have easy access to all sorts of necessities and luxuries. But let’s face it… there are still some pests in this world. And they’re trying to bring us down.

Let’s talk about termites. These small insects live in large groups and feast on wood. What does this mean? It means that these pests can wreak absolute havoc on our homes if they aren’t prevented or eliminated. Don’t let termites get a free meal at your home’s expense.

Whether you have a current termite problem, or just want to do your best to prevent them in the future, we’re here to help. Let’s show those pests who’s boss.

Preventing Termites

If you don’t already have a termite infestation, then it’s a great idea to plan for the future and take preventative measures. It’s a lot tougher to deal with these pesky insects when they’ve already started feasting on your home. We don’t want it to get to that point.

1) Termite Inspections: Are you a termite expert? No offense, but if you’re reading this article, then you probably aren’t one. Fortunately, there are professionals out there who will help you out. You should have your home inspected regularly. Ideally, once a year should do the trick.

2) Proper Storage Techniques: Termites love wood. This is why you should do your best to store these types of items away from your home. For example, if you have spare lumber, don’t store it in your crawl space or basement. Don’t stack firewood or mulch in your garage.

3) Keep Moisture Out: Termites also love moisture. Make sure that you have a good ventilation system for your home. It’s good to make sure that your drainage pipes are in good working order. If you have holes in your yard that hold water around your home, try to fill them in.

4) Spray Orange Oil: This tip is discussed in further detail in the “elimination” section. While orange oil is great for eliminating termites, it also works wonders for preventing them as well. Just apply the orange oil anywhere that you fear a future invasion may take place.

5) Install A Termite Barrier: If your home already has one of these, then you’re well on your way to preventing termite infestations. However, if you don’t have a perimeter barrier, then be sure to set one up. You’ll have to dig a trench outside of your house before installing the barrier.

6 Ways To Eliminate Termites

DISCLAIMER: These 6 tips are best for small termite infestations in isolation. For example, if you’ve noticed that the pests have begun eating away at a pile of lumber sitting in your garage, then these tips will work great. However, if the infestation has already spread into your home, then it’s best to call the professionals. They’ll be able to eliminate in-depth problems. Hopefully it hasn’t gotten to that point. Here are our 6 tips for eliminating small, isolated incidences.

1) Use The Sun

Termites may love wood and moisture, but they absolutely hate the sunlight. When termites get exposure to a lot of sun and heat, they end up dying. That’s good news for you. Let’s use a pile of lumber as an example. You can drag the wood out into the yard on a hot and sunny day. That should do the trick. As a side note, you can use an ultraviolet lamp for similar heating results.

2) Use Vinegar & Lemon Juice

Vinegar has many uses. You can clean your kitchen with it. You can clean your bathroom with it. And you can also kill termites with it. All you need to do is mix half of a cup of vinegar with some juice from squeezed lemons. Put that mixture into a spray bottle, and you’ve got an acid gun capable of eliminating termites. Spray thoroughly for the best results.

3) Use Borax Powder

The scientific name is sodium borate, but you can find it under the name “Borax” in many different stores. Lots of people use borax powder for laundry, but YOU can use it to kill termites. All you have to do is spread the powder in the area of infestation. You can mix Borax with water for a sprayable mixture as well. Be sure to do a thorough job when applying this tip.

4) Use Nematodes

Sometimes we, as humans, need help from other species in order to accomplish our goals. Let’s talk about nematodes for termites. These parasitic worms can be purchased online or in special shops, and they absolutely love to feast on termites. Just release your helpers into the infected area, and they will work hard for their well-deserved meals. They’ll stick around until the food is gone.

5) Use Orange Oil

Orange oil is produced within orange peelings, and has a composition consisting mainly of d-limonene. Here’s the thing about d-limonene: it absolutely destroys termites. D-limonene basically causes termites to dry-up and die. Just spray the oil into infested areas. You can purchase orange oil from your local home improvement shop. It’s found online as well.

6) Use Wet Cardboard

Termites absolutely love tearing into wet cardboard. So, how is this a tip for eliminating termites? Well, here’s how it works: the termites will be attracted to the wet cardboard once you set it in place. Once the colony has moved onto the all-you-can-eat cardboard, this is your time to relocate the cardboard outside. Destroy the cardboard and termites at the same time.

Keep The Termite Professionals In Mind

We can’t stress just how important this is. If you want to greatly increase your chances of keeping termites out, then you’ll want to have a yearly check-up performed on your home. This is your best method of prevention. Also, while the above tips are good for small, isolated incidences, it’s best to call the professionals if your termite problem has become complex.

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