Revive A Dying Plant With These Simple Ingredients – It’s Very Easy To Do It

If you own a plant, or if you’ve gotten one as a gift, and let’s say that you have a busy life, and that you are rarely at home, or you just forgot about taking care of your plants.

Well, look no further, before thinking of throwing away your withering plant you can follow these easy steps in order to revive it.

We at Tooxta will share with you these easy remedy for your plants. It’s an effective and also proven way to nurse a dying plant back to health.

You will only need these few ingredients that you probably already have at home.

1. A banana peel

2. Ground coffee

3. An eggshell


You will add a little water and then mix these  ingredients in a blender.


After mixing the ingredients, you will spread them around the plant.


And soon, your plant will be healthy and well!



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