No Reflection Woman – Watch These Identical Twins Trick A Woman Into Thinking That She Has No Reflection

Ever since I watched “The Parent Trap” as a kid, I’ve been convinced that having an identical twin must be an absolute blast.

Besides having your own partner in crime for life, imagine how fun it would be to switch places with your twin whenever you wanted without anyone being able to tell. And just think about all the awesome pranks you could pull on the people around you!

These twins definitely learned a thing or two about the art of pranking when they tricked an unsuspecting lady who was trying to look at herself in what she thought was a bathroom mirror. She was utterly confused because her reflection was nowhere in sight, even though other people clearly didn’t have that problem.

I definitely would’ve had the same reaction.

Who else is wishing they had an identical twin so they could pull this off? Be sure to share this funny prank with all the tricksters in your life!

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