Unique Historic Color Video Shows Berlin In July 1945 – Check It Out

An unseen footage of Berlin kept for 70 years!

Watch the video in full color of Berlin, formed in July 1945, just two months after the entry of Soviet troops and the suicide of Adolf Hitler. Parts of the recording for the first time disclosed.

In the video you can see the symbols of the German capital, such as the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag in ruins, while the citizens are trying to return to everyday life.

Pay attention to how the vast majority of Germans in this video are neatly dressed and the dust of the ruins is certainly not settled.

At the end of the video is a part taken from the air showing the condition of the destruction of the famous avenue Unter den Linden (Under the linden trees), leading to the Brandenburg Gate.

It can be seen that the tramway traffic was established over Alexanderplatz.

In the video you can see the former Soviet memorials dominated by the figure of Joseph Stalin.

The recording was released by Konstantin von Milen, who in 2001 founded the Kronos medium.

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