Check Out This Guy When He Start Emptying His Sack, You Will Be Shocked When You See Whats Inside!

Guy Released Hundreds of Snakes

This Guy is a Snake Catcher! That means that he catches hundreds of snakes and puts them all into the same sack, and later he releases them in a forest.

Salem Khan is always bringing sacks of snakes and releases them all at once in the woods.
Khan has been catching snakes for 30 years, every day he wanders around to look for snakes in Bhopal, India, and bags them up.

He does that so that he can help protect people and snakes, and to prevent unnecessary snake killing.

In the video bellow, you will see Khan releasing hundreds of rat snakes, cobras, and vipers from inside his sack safely in the forest, away from populated area.

Khan believes that killing snakes is a bad thing! And that is because snakes are very helpful and useful. They kill rodents which pose a threat to farms.

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