A Woman Recorded A Meteor Streaking Across The Sky While Video Chatting – Bright Green Flash

A woman called Faye Heddings was video chatting when something unbelievable happened.

While video chatting she caught on the video a bright meteor flashing across Southern California skies.

She was really scarred for not knowing what it was at that moment.

You could see only for a brief few seconds a bright green flash across the sky.

She kept repeating a couple of times: ‘Did you guys see that? Did you guys see that?’

It was also spotted by other people who reported:

-‘Zigzaggy orange flames were coming off of it as it scooted by. Then it turned green and disappeared.’ ‘I couldn’t believe the enormity of it.’ By Lynne Thompson, who lives on Paseo Espada in San Juan Capistrano.

The light was also seen in San Diego, Palm Springs, Hesperia and other Southland cities reported seeing the flash, as people on the social media reported.

Here are some of the comments people wrote on social media regarding the spotting of the meteor:

Lee Ziegler said: ‘Just saw a massive meteor from Palm Springs. Lit up the while sky. Green streak!!!’

Greg Freeman wrote on Twitter: ‘Just saw a huge meteor from Northwest Phoenix towards California! Huge!’

Another, Tav, commented: ‘I saw it too!!! OMG. I was driving when it came down.’

Alyssa Rei‏ said: ‘I knew I saw something!!’

Adri wrote: ‘My boyfriend and I saw it too while driving! Explains why power went out in some areas.’

April Emard‏ said: ‘Crazy. Totally freaked me out.’


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