Rare Video Of A Mouse With A Cigarette In Its Mouth – Mouse Decided To Take A Break

Wendy Broadhurst, 48, couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw this with her 18-year-old son Jack in their garden in Aberdeen.

They saw a mouse out the back window, and it caught their attention because it looked cute.

The mouse was making a nest he was coming in and out of the little holes in the stone wall in the back garden. He kept going in and out with different things like bits of fluff.

They decided to record the mouse as they were already watching it scurrying around and working.

They found what the mouse did absolutely hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing.

At one moment the mouse was trying really hard to get something out of the little hole in the stone wall, you are never going to guess it but it was a cigarette!

Yes, the mouse had a cigarette stuck in its mouth it seemed as if the mouse needed a break from all the hard work building a nest.

Mrs. Broadhurst thought that the rodent must have found one of her husband’s Martin’s, 50, cigarette butts he had dropped in the garden.

Mrs. Broadhurst says that she doesn’t mind the mouse as long as it stays in the garden and not in the house.

She also shoved this video to all of her friends and they all found it very hilarious!

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