A Cat Was Rescued By Two Sanitation Workers – It Was Found In Terrible And Shocking Condition

Two sanitation workers were shocked when they discovered this in their truck!

They heard something cry out inside a trash truck from one of the trash bags when they started a process of crushing trash collected in their truck.

They were startled when they discovered what it was.

Nowadays many stray cats wander on the road and they are often in danger when it comes to traffic and speeding cars.

Others are abused by people as in this case! This cat was found by two sanitation workers while they were crushing the garbage in their truck, luckily for the cat, they heard her cries for help. They quickly searched and opened the bags till they discovered a skinny cat tied-up.

They immediately brought her to the vet and they took care of her. The cat’s fur was doused with gasoline. She was shocked, very dehydrated and underweight.

It was a miracle that she survived! She was named Miracle Maisy. Someday this cat will find a rightful owner that will love her and take care of her.

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