US Judge Recognizes Old School Friend – It Was A Touching Moment

When we are kids we have all kinds of dreams of what we want to become, but as we get older those dreams of ours are replaced with reality, and all of a sudden life hits us hard.

Not everyone gets the chance to get an education, even the ones that do, not always see how lucky they are.

But, also what after finishing school, I mean getting a job can be pretty hard, so sometimes people resort to all kinds of things in order to survive, some are lucky to strive while some are not.

It also depends on what kind of situation you are in, and what conditions you were raised in. Life can be pretty hard for all of us.

Confidence is also very important for going forward, in getting a job, meeting new people, your significant other.

In this video a man is suspected of burglary, and is standing in front of a judge. What is special about this video is that the Judge and Arthur Booth were former schoolmates, and she recognized him. It was a touching moment.

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