House moving to a new city checklist

Moving to a new state or city is quite an exciting yet tiring process. It is common to get lost in purchasing a house that you forget other necessary things. There are so many things to do before moving, but if you are moving to a completely new city, you need to take care of certain things. Following is the House moving to a new city checklist! 

Research the area before Moving out 

The most significant part of moving is searching the area. Make sure that the new city offers a lifestyle that you love to have. Does the weather suit you? What kind of festivals city offer? Are there any recreational activities? Are there enough parks and shopping malls? What are social hotspots for you to meet new persons? If possible, before moving, take a visit and find out about businesses, schools, area, and neighborhood. 

Make a budget 

Financing plays an important role in moving, so create a budget for house rents, car payments, groceries, and other essentials. Creating a realistic budget list will help you feel confident about your finance. At least save for six months expanses before moving out. Use a budget program or spreadsheet and your estimated salary to determine how much money you will have for other items, utilities, self-care, and other essentials. Also, create a budget for social activities to mingle up with your new friends. 

Declutter home 

To make sure your move is stress-free, declutter your home. Decluttering your home is also a great way to cherish the memories you made in your old home before starting a new chapter. By decluttering, you will find the necessary things to take with you.  

Get Free Moving Boxes 

Moving to a new city is a costly affair, so you need to use every opportunity to decrease the moving cost. And the effective to do so not paying for heavy moving boxes. Get your hands on free cardboard boxes. Ask friends, colleagues, and neighbors who have moved recently if their boxes are spare. 

Please visit nearby stores, shopping centers, books stores, and home electronics stores and ask their managers about free cardboard boxes. 

Sell unnecessary stuff 

The Cost of Moving to a new city can be more than you think and afford, especially when you are on a budget. You can use your unnecessary items to make money. Selling them is the best opportunity you shouldn’t miss. If you have enough time, try selling items online. Otherwise, the best way is to organize a moving sale of items in good condition but not essential for you. Arranging a profitable moving sale is key when moving on a tight budget.

Start packing up your things

If you happen to be questioning what is necessary to do before moving to a new city, then you should wonder no more – start packing. Packing for a move is the most significant task in your moving checklist. It’s also the most draining and time-consuming job you’ll have to do before moving day too. 

Find a place to live 

House hunting is a serious task. This is the place you’re going to be living for the next few years, and you want to make sure you pick the best option available to you.

You shouldn’t just pick the first thing you see because it’s convenient. There may be something better out there. Consider all your options before choosing. 

Update your address 

Update your new address for vote registration, driver’s license, tax forms, and new bank accounts.  

Transfer the house utilities 

To transfer home utilities is a task that is often neglected or overlooked during the home moving process, until the move-in day when there’s no running water and electricity in the new house. Don’t repeat the same mistake when moving to a new city – contact your current utility companies and arrange the disconnection of your home utilities one day after you move out. Also, arrange their utility connection at the new place about one day before you move in.

Clean old home

Don’t forget to clean your old house. Hire a professional cleaning company for a thorough clean-up. A little bit of effort could save you against your security deposit. Be sure to clean all the areas, rooms, and appliances in the house.

Pack kitchenware and essentials

Make sure you have packed all the necessary kitchenware and some food items with you. These should include your first week essentials, including breakfast items, coffee, clothing, shoes, showering, baby and pet necessities. 

Say good Bye to friends and neighbors

Say Goodbye to all your friends, neighbors. Be sure to inform them about your move. It is a respectful thing to do, and it also gives them plenty of time to spend with you. 

Get extra cash 

Moving may seem easy, but it can cost you way more than your estimated amount. So get extra cash with you.

Hire a professional company for moving

If you don’t want to move heavy boxes or furniture yourself, you should first find a reputable removal company. There are many removal companies, but you want to do thorough research to avoid missing or broken items. Hire Best Movers in San Francisco, CA to avoid any inconvenience. 

Get a New Driver’s License 

If you have a car, you will need to get a new driver’s license from your new state. After moving, many states require new residents to obtain a new driver’s license with a specific time window. You need a previous driver’s license, proof of your social security no, and residency to get a new license. 



Start planning your move step-by-step to reduce the stress of last-minute packing and planning. The checklist mentioned above needs to complete before a month of the move because staying on schedule will help you avoid eleventh-hour headaches. Time will be at a premium on the day’s right before your move, so be diligent in checking off these tasks.

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