Adorable Fruit Bat Eating A Watermelon – You Won’t Be Able To Handle The Cuteness

When you hear the word ‘bat’ many people associate them with vampires, sucking blood, and all the things that are bad, and they fear them mostly.

Or if you like Batman then you’d think they’re cool.

The fruit bat, also known as the “flying fox,” is one of the largest bats in the world, they are 100 percent vegetarian. Their entire diet consists of blossoms and fruit. How cool is that?

They are found in Australia, living in large colonies. Like most bats, they sleep during the day and feed at night. They sometimes fly long distances to obtain food.

Also let me remind you that bats are wild animals, NOT pets.

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Now that you are somewhat informed about them let’s continue by watching this adorable video bellow:



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