A Stray Dog Named Betty Boop Had Given Birth To Her Litter Of 10 Puppies – Betty’s Rescue

Stray dog Betty and her puppies

A stray dog named Betty Boop had given birth to her litter of 10 pups in the California countryside.

A lot of people reported sightings of the Betty Boop, but unfortunately, no one could catch her.

Betty would walk two miles into town in order to find some food. After that she would walk two miles back to the country in order to feed her puppies before dark.

Krystle Woodward of Pinky Paws ResQ found out about the struggling Betty Boop and her puppies. Krystle along with her husband tried catching Betty a few times before finally succeeding. They took her to the vet and found out that Betty was suffering from a lot of trauma and that she was still nursing.

Betty led Krystle to the country, down the vineyards and then into an abandoned farmhouse.

Betty slowed her pace, and Krystle realized why, Betty had led her to her litter.

“She trusted me to show me where her 10 puppies were found,” Krystle wrote on YouTube. “This is truly a miracle to me.”

Here is the part two of Betty Boop Video

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