A Goat That Was Going Through A Rehabilitation Process Has Formed A Friendship With A Rooster – Unique Friendship

Goat and rooster

A goat that goes by the name Billy was attacked by a dog and needed to go through a rehabilitation process in order to improve his health.

But now, this elderly goat has been befriended by a rooster at a farm in South Carolina while the he was rehabilitating after a dog attack.

They have become inseparable!

It’s a very unusual and unique friendship between barnyard animals that will melt your heart.

Samoa the rooster always sleeps on Billy the goat, he rides on him, they go everywhere together.

When Billy the goat came to the farm, Samoa was just a little rooster, and he wouldn’t let anyone go near his friend Billy.

Years may have passed since than, but they are still best friends and they love spending time together.

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