A Police Officer Deployed A Spike Strip With An Unbelievable Speed – Stopping A Speeding Car

Police stopped the fled car using spike strip

Estonian police couldn’t be more of a badass than this, after watching the video you’ll understand why!

The Emergency Response Center received a call about the Opel car with a driver that may be under the influence of drugs.

The patrol vehicle gave it a stop signal but the Opel driver decided to continue driving.

Due to the relatively little traffic a police officer was standing in the middle of the road waiting for the Opel driver to pass by. It was for a good reason too, you’ll be very surprised by his actions.

When the car arrived the police officer wiped out a stripe strip in front of the target car at the last second making the car immobile.

This is something you don’t see every day, with a very unusual method that is a bit dangerous.

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