This Little Girl Does Things Differently – She Invented A New Way To Ride A Merry-Go-Round!

Little Girl Outside Carousel

Most children like to ride the animals on a merry-go-round, but not this little girl!

Her name is Sienna Broomhall, she might appear as any other ordinary kid, but don’t get fooled by this little girl, she may as well be everyone’s spirit animal.

She is simply awesome in one way or another, and you will see why as soon as you watch this awesome footage of her’s.

You usually ride the animals on merry-go-round, but then there is Sienna’s way, by just simply grabbing the pole and letting it spin you around without the effort of sitting or any effort at all.

I think most of us look like that on Monday, we are Sienna on Monday or any other day, its hard finding motivation to do anything so we feel you, kid!

You go Sienna! 🙂


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