Grandpa Jimmy Secretly Raised Kittens Behind His Wife’s Back – After She Said No

Meet Jimmy an 85-year-old, he lives in Puerto Rico with his loving wife.

He may look sweet and innocent, but what you don’t know is that he has a secret side to him. Yes that’s right, he has an adorable side to him. Recently his wife said that he can’t raise cats so he did it behind her back.

He felt sorry for the strays so he left them food in the back of the house near his tool shed, a spot where his wife doesn’t go.

A stray cat had her kittens in Jimmy’s tool shed and he has been raising them.

His granddaughter Sylvia said that the especially friendly cat was pregnant — and Jimmy was pulled in even deeper undercover.

However, Jimmy wasn’t able to keep his hidden feline family a secret from his wife forever.

3 weeks later his wife found out but she was very understanding of the whole situation.

“She’s okay with them staying there until they’re old enough to have new homes,” Syl said.


Pictures via sylvia

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