A Tornado That Spawned From Typhoon Soudelor Raged Across The Road – Horrifying Dash Cam Footage

Car gets blown away by typhoon in Taiwan

A dashboard camera captured something strait out of a horror movie.

It was a tornado that spawned from Typhoon Soudelor in Taiwan.

Typhoon Soudelor made landfall in Taiwan with sustained winds of 120 mph, (It’s equivalent of a category 3 hurricane).

A camera mounted to a dashboard recorded this terrifying event.

You can see a white car pulling out in front of the driver with the dash cam, and you can hear and see the debris flying through the air. Just as the white car completed its turn the tornado showed up in front of the dash cam and the white car completely disappeared.

The tornado continued to spin down the road in an incredible speed.

As you will see in the video, a woman appeared on the right side of the road, it was terrifying to see her there just seconds after the tornado continued to rampage down the road. Who knows how she ended up there and the possible scenarios to that are simply too terrible to imagine.

It was reported that she suffered major injuries.

If you wonder where the white car disappeared, you can see it between trees down the road.

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