What are the Different Types of Massage

Thinking about taking a break from a hectic routine and relaxing, a couple of things that come to our mind include vacations, sleeping in, spa day and getting a fantastic massage.

Due to Covid-19 situation, vacations seem to be difficult rather than impractical. However, everyone deserves a break from the daily stress once in a while.

After a year in this pandemic situation, most of the massage centres are working again with upgraded wellbeing conventions set up.

Introduction to Massage:

Massage therapy amazingly helps relax and is also used for many therapeutic purposes.

The expression “massage” itself envelops a wide cluster of various sorts of massage techniques, going from Swedish back rub (the most well-known kind) to therapeutic massages. 

Most people have no idea about the difference between therapeutic massage and spa massage therapy.

You might be searching for rub treatment to soothe muscle torment or strain or reduce stress. In any case, you would instead not erroneously seek after some unacceptable course of treatment. Therefore, it’s crucial to find the most suitable massage type for your issue. 

Therapeutic vs Spa massage 

In treatment, the aim is to work on a particular illness or condition. While in a spa setting as a primary concern in a spa setting. Mostly the reason behind a spa treatment is for relaxation purposes. The staff looks to unwind and destress the patient rather than mend them.

Therapeutic massage is arranged considering a particular objective with a more extensive treatment plan depending on the issue.

Precautions for massage:

After consulting with a licensed and experienced massage therapist, massage for injury should always be done. Before booking your appointment randomly at a spa or therapist in Aldershot online, make sure to follow these precautions for specific conditions.

  • Pregnant ladies should search for an advisor with pregnancy experience since it has to be done by a person who must be ridiculously cautious with situating or body positioning.
  • Individuals with osteoporosis should track down a specialist with experience in that, as you can break bones or ribs assuming that an individual is osteoporotic. 
  • A good massage therapist always asks about previous medical history, current health issues, age, etc. If your therapist also does that before a massage, you are most probably in good hands.

Different Types of Massage in Aldershot (UK)

Popular massage services that are provided in most of the massage centres in Aldershot are:

Thai Massage 

Thai massage works all over the body by applying intense pressure with the palms and fingers while using a mixture of movements similar to yogic stretching.

You’ll likewise be extended and contorted into different positions. Again, stretchy clothing should be worn for this kind of massage to prevent any movement restriction.


Reflexology or zone treatment is an elective clinical work that includes the utilization of strain to an explicit focus on the feet and hands. Foot reflexology leaves individuals feeling like they have gotten a full body massage as treatment is receptive to complete body wellbeing. 

Foot reflexology might be utilized to invigorate the stomach related framework, diminish stress, advance self-mending, and decrease pain.

Relaxation and Swedish massage

Relaxation massage contains delicate, lighter tension pressure, while Swedish massage shifts from light to medium to muscular strain with gliding, rhythmic strokes.


Therapeutic application of plant essential oils (usually diluted) or massaging of the body with essential oils by qualified aroma therapists to reduce stress and anxiety is called aromatherapy. Massage and aromatic healing give relief from physical and mental fatigue rather than just massage.

Deep tissue Massage

This type of massage centres on restoring and mending our deep tissues or deep muscular, joint pains. Usually, athletes get this kind of massage. This massage also helps with stress and anxiety.

Remedial Massage 

Remedial massage centres on body parts that require restoration (rehabilitation). It initially begins with an audit of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and stance. When the specialist comprehends the issues causing the injury or agony, the therapist will make a targeted muscle massage plan.

Massage Sessions and Discounts

Most massage sessions last for 30 minutes to an hour. You can book your session online near your place as most spas and clinics have their website with all details and certificates. The most beneficial part about booking online is getting special promotional discounts and events deals.

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