Two Brother Indian Ringneck Parakeets Love Showing Off Love For Each Other – Meet Fabio And Gabriel

Indian Ringneck parakeets

These two cuties love their morning kisses!

Meet Fabio a 3-year-old and Gabriel 2-year-old, they are Indian Ringneck parakeets and have the same mother and father.

Gabriel’s favorite thing is to be kissed on top of his head and he loves giving kisses to his brother, not to mention always asking, “What are you doing”?

It’s so cute watching them together kissing and talking, it’s beyond cute, you could watch them all day do their thing! They know a word of two.

When you hear that, ‘I love you’ it’s enough to make you melt from happiness.

Enjoy this footage bellow, it is bound to make your day! 🙂

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