‘Top Chef’ Alum Fabio Viviani Explains Why You Have Been Cooking Your Pasta The Wrong Way – The Biggest Mistake

Dinner is Served

I’ve been cooking my pasta the wrong way according to ‘Top Chef’ alum Fabio Viviani!

The biggest mistake we all make, well most of us when it comes to cooking pasta is that we waste olive oil in the water so that pasta doesn’t stick.

We should be there and stirring our pasta and that won’t make it stick.

All of us have a habit of just pouring the pasta into the boiling water, stir it for a few seconds and leave it to do something else and we come back every few minutes or so to give it a stir till it’s ready to be served.

So olive oil is a big no, but you can still salt your pasta and use other seasoning to your liking.

We learn something new every day!

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