Tiny Octopus Taking A Stroll On A Man’s Hand – Tiny Spotted Octopus

The ocean is filled with amazing forms of life.

There are a lot of weird and mesmerizing creatures that we do not know about, but, there are new discoveries of sea life every day.

One fisherman interacts every day with ocean life.

Derin Goya has seen all kinds of sea creatures, and he usually shares his finding on social media.

One finding is very special and you’re about to see why!

Goya pulled a net of fish in before driving into harbor. He found a lot of frogfish and one adorable small octopus.

Goya took the tiny spotted octopus into his palm and started recording as the little guy moved all over his fingers. He is barely the size of a fingernail, that’s how small he is.

After recording this video Goya realized him back into the ocean.

This baby octopus is just beyond cute and adorable and that’s not even enough to describe how beautiful he is!

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