The Best air duct cleaning Method

The most effective air duct cleaning approach is specific to the condition of your ductwork and is efficient in addressing indoor air quality concerns. It is not required to have your ducts cleaned on a regular basis in every home, but it is a vital element of a bigger plan to safeguard the air that your family breathes.

Every day, the ductwork in your HVAC system circulates the whole volume of air in your home more than five times. During a day, airborne particles and other contaminants are constantly deposited in ductwork and recirculated into living rooms. During time, dust, grime, and germs such as mould and bacteria can accumulate, affecting the interior air quality and possibly causing irritation and allergy reactions in sensitive people, not to mention creating a constant housekeeping nightmare with never-ending dusting.

The Most Effective Method of Air Duct Cleaning

Getting Rid of the Source

The source removal method is the most effective form of air duct cleaning. It is the mechanical cleaning of system components to remove dirt and debris that is referred to as Source Removal. Dust and other particle debris have a tendency to adhere to the interior of air ducts, forming a static cling. Remove the source of the problem involves two essential elements:

To dislodge dirt from the walls of air ducts and HVAC components, mechanical agitation must be performed.

Extraction is a process that safely removes debris from the HVAC system to levels that are acceptable by industry standards after it has been installed.

Steam Air Duct Cleaning

Steam or green air duct cleaning is a method of cleaning that uses steam to clean the air ducts.

Steam Air Duct Cleaning methods make use of a wand that delivers a high temperature and high-pressure steam to agitate the debris from the walls of the air ducts while the air ducts are brought into negative pressure by a vacuum to remove the dirt from the walls.

Steam cleaning and other treatments that involve the use of moisture should not be utilized on any type of duct system. Modern HVAC components are heavily reliant on electrical components to function efficiently; the entrance of moisture will cause harm to the components of the system.

Truck Mounted Vacuum Cleaning

Truck mounted vacuum cleaning methods make use of a vacuum that is powered by the PTO shaft of a moving vehicle. The volume of air drawn by a truck mounted vacuum cleaning system determines the technology used. When operating at full capacity, the truck mounted vacuum pulls in a volume of air ranging between 10,000 and 15,000 cubic feet per minute. A vacuum hose is coupled to the trunk lines of the ventilation system, which runs from the truck to the house. To agitate debris and transport it to the collection site, rotary brushes or air lines are introduced into air vent registers as the ventilation system is sucked into a vacuum and debris is agitated and transported to the collection point.

Even though truck mounted, and gas-powered vacuums were once widely used for air duct cleaning, industry professionals are increasingly turning away from these methods because of the high likelihood of cross contamination. While in operation, truck-mounted vacuums pull vehicle exhaust and debris into the surrounding air and disperse it. For better vacuum cleaning hire professional air duct cleaning contractors.

The Point of Contact Method of Air Duct Cleaning

The point of contact way of air duct cleaning is currently the safest and most effective method of air duct cleaning. A point of contact air duct cleaning method makes use of a portable HEPA filtered vacuum and an agitating device to clean the air ducts at the same time, rather than cleaning them one at a time. Portable HEPA vacuum cleaning technology is based on the velocity of the air that is sucked into the vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming at a high velocity provides for more lift of particles, and the HEPA filter eliminates the possibility of cross contamination.

However, even though point of contact air duct cleaning procedures are currently the safest and most effective methods of cleaning air ducts, new and novel air duct cleaning technologies are always being developed and refined.

Final Thoughts

Techniques for cleaning air ducts have been used since the early 1900s. However, because of the experience of trained and professional HVAC contractors, the methods have significantly improved since that time. The likelihood of improved air quality in your home increases if you select an HVAC technician that is knowledgeable in the field.

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