Researchers Managed To Get A Camera Stick To Manta Ray Using One Ingredient – Peanut Butter

Researchers stick cameras to giant manta rays

Researchers were conducting a study on manta rays in Bahía de Banderas, Mexico. They were using Crittercam technology.

They had some problems getting the suction cups to stay attached for more than three hours before detaching from mantas and then floating to surface, the reason for that is because mantas have rough skin and suction cups can’t make the seal to last longer.

So what they had to do is come up with a solution which would allow the suction cups to hold on for longer. And they succeeded. They used believe it or not a creamy peanut butter! It worked, cameras manage to stay attached.

The footage that would be gathered will be used to study their behavior and they hope that will help improve marine conservation and species protection!

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