Putter The Squirrel Loves Eating Ice Cream – She Eats It Every Day At Her Favorite North Carolina Ice Cream Shop.

Putter the squirrel

One lucky squirrel gets to have ice cream every day!

The squirrel’s name is Putter and every day she visits Fantasy Isle Ice Cream and Mini Golf in Holden Beach.

The squirrel just showed up one summer and hasn’t left since. She gets to have free ice-cream so I can understand why she decided to stay.

Putter has her own mini-cones of ice cream with a scoop of a vanilla. And she gets out of her nest a few times a day to get her cone.

Putter is a very friendly squirrel, and she is not shy, she likes to play golf with kids, she loves running around the golf course and playing with the golf balls.

She is the best mascot ever!

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