Panda Bear Interesting Facts – A Few Things You Didn’t Know About These Cuties

The giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca,) are becoming ambassadors of all endangered species, in China they are consider a national treasure.

The pandas themselves do not invest too much effort to survive, people who regularly destroy their natural habitat and the only food source, however, have a duty to make amends and to help these absolutely adorable bears.

If you’ve ever wondered why so much effort and money is invested to protect pandas, the answer is simple: Pandas refuse to cooperate – which significantly complicates the process of protection. They persistently eat the wrong foods, do not want to mate, and are quite bad and negligent parents.

A wild giant panda feeds almost exclusively (99%) of bamboo. In zoos, they eat mainly bamboo, but they also eat sugar cane, rice gruel, carrots, apples and sweet potatoes.

The problem with pandas is that they are not physically built for eating bamboo. They are meant to eat meat. Their bodies are not adapted to digest cellulose and must therefore eat bamboo tone (9-20 kg per day). Because of this (wrong) diet, pandas in the wild simply do not have enough protein and energy to move, especially to mate.

Pandas spend most of the day sitting or lying in one place, the rest of the day eating bamboo, and pooping. And that’s about 40 times a day.

Female giant pandas are, in fact, able to mate only two or three times a year, and some males do not even know how to mate. Female pandas can give birth to two young cubs, but usually only one survives because the mother is able to take care of only one baby. The second cub is left behind.


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